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What is e-Reception?
It’s a website based tool, which automates all your reception functions. In simple terms, patients go on e-Reception rather than telephoning reception, whatever their need. It is a highly effective Care Navigation tool.


e-Reception modules:

Patients phone reception if they want a doctor’s appointment - for a respiratory infection, whatever. e-Reception has a module for such problems. But it has a range of other modules. They might want to see a nurse, request a new medication, a sick note or chase up their results. e-Reception modules take care of all these queries.

e-Reception also has a QOF data collection option, where patients can update details such as smoking and blood pressure readings.

Skill-mix teams and  Care Navigation

Practices are increasingly developing skill mix teams. They may have physiotherapists and pharmacists, etc. e-Reception offers the perfect care navigation solution – it guides the patient directly to the right specialist, depending on the nature of their problem. For instance, musculo-skeletal problems can be passed directly to the practice physiotherapist.

e-Reception is entirely customizable, depending on your practice requirements

Practices devote a large proportion of their appointments to following up patients and delivering test results. We have developed systems to deliver virtual follow up by means of phone, text and email, and patient access to their own records.

So what is the format of e-Reception ?

The patient accesses the practice website, and enters the front page of e-Reception. A link takes them to the e-Reception site. After identification, they are offered a number of modules, depending on the nature of their query, and complete the relevant decision tree.

How does it work from the ‘practice side’?

The practice receives a structured email via NHS mail. An administrator then actions each one and care navigates. Patients are sent an automated response followed by the operator generated response.


Implications for the practice - business change.

The real value for both patient and practice is in the improvement in both quality and practice efficiency

e-Reception converts telephone calls into structured emails; this has a number of major advantages:

-          Receptionists do not need to spend time on the phone determining the problem ; the patient outlines it themselves.

-          Queries are signposted to the correct person or department. For example, medication queries can be dropped directly into the practice pharmacist’s in-box

-          A number of patients can be directed to alternative services, such as community pharmacy.

-          The morning phone call rush is avoided; E-reception queries are dealt with steadily throughout the day.

-          Analytics: e-Reception provides a complete break-down of the reasons patients are contacting the practice. For example, many practices are surprised by the number of medication queries, and the compelling business case for a practice pharmacist.

Some important statistics:

Traffic volumes:

With minimal marketing, such as mail shots and posters, expect up to 20% or greter of all reception traffic after a few weeks.

Average time for reception patient phone query: 3 minutes

Average time to answer an E-reception query: 1 minute

Estimate GP appointments managed differently (self help advice, signposting to alternative) 25%


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