Patient Liaison Project

The integration of health and social care is high on everyone’s agenda. Enhance has developed a very successful model, enabling individual practices to meet the challenge. Our ‘patient liaison’ coordinators, employed at practice level, act as a link between clinicians and the third sector.

So far, over 300 patients have benefitted, with problems ranging from lifestyle issues, to carer’s lack of support.


During 12 months of an initial project they have been able to assist over 300 patients (2%) of the practice population with non-clinical support and signposting to other organisations.

Patient evaluation has been excellent with 80% of the patients involved feeling that the service can help them. After carrying out follow up surveys over 70% of the patients involved felt that the service had helped to make a difference to their health and wellbeing/lifestyle.

The project has been able to show that the 63 patients who we felt required a case management approach were able to reduce the number of practice contacts that they required over a 6 month period by an average of 9 appointments. We feel that these patients demonstrate how a range of services and 3rd sector involvement, coordinated by the practice, can improve the patients' management of their conditions.

The success of this service, which is integrated with the practice team, has been instrumental in the LNCCG taking forward this as a commissioning intention and aim to provide each practice with a budget in the future to incorporate this service.