Wound Care

We were commissioned by Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group to provide a wound care management service.

There was a huge amount of prescription waste in the system. We identified the problem and designed a service - all community-based requests for wound care product prescriptions were channelled through our central hub. The team of staff reviewed the quantities requested, and validate against an agreed product list. The reduction in waste and consequent financial saving was dramatic – we halved the growth in wound care product usage compared to similar CCGs.

In addition, we partnered with NHS Supplies to deliver a wound care stock system at an individual practice level. The project is being rolled out across 29 practices within the CCG.

Wound care at Practice level 

At the beginning of the the new system the annual spend at the practice was £62,100.38 on dressings products. 

By June 2013 the total spend at the practice was £39,504.92.

Wound Care Authorization System for the Community Nurses Wound Care

Comparing our spend trends to other Leeds CCGs who had not implemented this system we can show annual savings of around £100,000.

From July - Sept 2010 to July - Sept 2014 the other Leeds CCGs have an increase in expenditure of 30% and LNCCG has increased by 16%.