Advice and Guidance


The Dermatology Service -

Enhance has a proven track record in delivering AQP dermatology services in Leeds. The team of GPSI's, consultants and specialist nurses offers face to face appointments to patients.

But our latest innovation has involved the development of an Advice and Guidance service for GP's - - - - -

"It has been shown that a significant number of patients do not need referrals and can be managed in primary care with the right sort of advice and guidance. The resources saved by doing this can then be reinvested in primary care. The scheme will be monitored, outcomes will be measured and practices will receive feedback on their use of the service. "

Advice and Guidance - How does it work?

Instead of referring patients for a face to face consultation in the traditional way, GP's have the option to request advice and guidance. Obviously certain categories such as urgent cases are excluded.

The specialist team ensures that advice is promptly sent back to the referring GP.

The technology - fully integrated with the GP clinical system

Advice and guidance options have been around for some time, mosty via the Choose and Book system. However, GP's informed us that the system was too clunky to be used routinely.

We therefore developed a template based system fully integrated with GP clinical systems such as System-1 and EMIS. And GP's are loving it.

What do patients think?

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Rather than waiting weeks for an appointment, they receive a management plan within days from their own practice

And the impact on referrals?

The results have been dramatic. A staggering 75% of advice and guidance requests do not require a face to face appointment